Career Day
Career Day 2017

July 12, 2017

Career Day connects our students' dreams with a real experience.

Breakthrough students dream of being doctors, rocket scientists, game designers, engineers, and much more. By seeing what it's like to work in Miami, they take the first step in creating a vision for their success. While their dreams may change, it is important for each student to meet people who are successful in their chosen profession.

Though it will be years before these middle school students choose a career, we know that if there is one more advertising executive, engineer, architect, artist, attorney, banker, broadcaster, chef, curator, doctor, developer, editor, entrepreneur, event planner, fashion designer, hospitality executive, insurance agent, fire-fighter, interior designer, inventor, non-profit director, investment banker,  journalist, judge, manager, media specialist, nurse, manufacturer, operations manager, paralegal, police officer, photographer, physical therapist, prosecutor, real estate investor,  television executive or sports agent–  that this experience might have played a role in their choice of career. Last year, we met our goal of exposing over 700 middle school Scholars to hundreds of professional careers by visiting 38 diverse workplaces in our community.

We hope you will consider hosting our Scholars on July 12, 2017! 

Please contact Galia Pennekamp at with any questions. 


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