Give Miami Day 2014

Miami made history on November 20, 2014 by raising $5.2 million for 520 nonprofits in 24 hours. Thank you for being a part of this incredible demonstration of the kindness and generosity found in our city. Breakthrough Miami came in 6th place with 221 unique donors, who raised $44,125.

If happiness is the key to success—which we believe it is— then Breakthrough Miami's #GiveMiamiDay 2014 was a huge success!  Our happiness was found in the diverse list of individuals who donated. #GiveMiamiDay 2014 donors included former Breakthrough students, Breakthrough board members, site school staff, parents of Breakthrough students, Breakthrough staff, a Breakthrough founder,community partners, student volunteers, Teaching Fellows, long-time supporters, first-time donors and relatives and friends of all of the above. Donors gave from 6 different states and we covered Florida from Homestead to Gainesville!!  221 examples that it does "take a village".

A special thank you to Amy Steinhour and Grey Bryan, who dedicated countless hours and their amazing talent in planning, creating and executing all of our communications in the weeks leading up to and on GiveMiamiDay. 


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