Breakthrough Miami has launched STEM Academy for middle school sudents.

The STEM Academy is an intensive, hands-on program that concentrates on the growing fields of science and technology. Students in this program use engineering principles, work with Vex Robotic kits,3D printing, and learn forms of coding. The power of the STEM Academy is built on a students teaching students model that takes various forms of engineering from a theoretical level and allows students to put it into practice involving hands on and real world experiences. Through these experiences, our students are able to live the life of engineers, chemists, scientists, geologists, etc. In addition, they have the opportunity to meet professionals from these fields so they are able to know without a doubt that what they are learning will one day position them to be that professional in the room.

Breakthrough Miami's STEM Academy students participated in the Miami Herald at the Miami Mini Maker Arts Fair where they put their robotic skills to the test through a robotic competitions. These students have also debated the science behind carbon emissions and global warning in conjunction with the COP21 Paris Agreement.



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